Wednesday, June 6, 2012

She's Got My Number

Sweet Peaches
Miss Peachy has got my number and she knows it. They say that dachshunds own their people, not the other way around. She certainly knows how to communicate. Its not a growl, it has a higher pitch to it. This little RrRrRrRrR sound she makes at me when she wants something, usually to be patted or a belly rub. Often by 8 o'clock if I'm not awake she will make her little noise, which is the signal for AM belly rubs. I was sitting at the computer, I hear her, look down, she wants to sit in my lap. I obliged, she has me well trained. One night as we were sitting watching TV, she is looking at me very intently. I picked her up, looking at her face to face, I said, "do you want something Peachy". She looked at me, looked at the door, looked at me, looked at the door. You want to go out? I said.That was a definite "yes" as she took off for the door, her partners in crime right behind her.

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