Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wire Haired Dachshund Can't Get Dry Fast Enough After A Bath!

We went for walkies the other day and went down to a farm down the road where the dogs can run free. There's no livestock, but an occasional chipmunk or woodchuck. I let them off leash once we're off the road. They really have a blast running around the fields and sniffing around old stone fences and  equipment. On the far side of the property there is a pond where geese hang out, we were there briefly, about to head home when Miss Peachy decides to roll in goose poo. AAHHH! NO STOP!.....Too late. So Peachy has a date with the bath when she gets home. I hosed her off first. Its a little cold here to do it all outside, but once inside I scrubbed her up with shampoo, AGAIN, second time this week. Last time she went through a drainage pipe, got rather muddy. That's my wire haired girl. The video shows the lengths she goes to to dry off after the bath.
Peachy getting dirty again?
Not her.

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