Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just a bunch of Tattletales

Rango, the long haired piebald wants to be part of the pack
Well, the Rango fostering project continues. The SPCA thought he was an aggressive dog that would be difficult to place. It turns out he's not aggressive, just terrified of being in a cage with 10 large dogs barking all the time in the same room. It's taking a little while for the pack to accept him, Peaches is still not too sure. Its funny though, I know when Rango has been naughty, all my dogs come in the room where I am and have this look on their faces that says "Rango did it". It's usually getting in the garbage or pooping in the house right after coming inside. I'm happy to say we've had some improvements in these areas lately. I have read dogs don't feel guilt, which I don't agree with. Then how would they know their not guilty, and want to make sure I know it wasn't them?

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