Friday, June 7, 2013

Thought I Lost my Peach

My sweet Peaches, I will confess, she is my favorite. I love the boys dearly, but she is my girl. The other day we experienced that awful feeling when your dog is lost. Its the worst. We went out for our morning walk, and we went down the street to "the farm" owned by friends where we always let the dogs off leash. We've done this 100 times at least. They love to run around and sniff. We walk down this wide path with all kinds of equipment that the owners collect along it and come out in the hayfield that had been cut but not bailed. Then we get to where the grass is as we say "higher than a dachshunds back". There's a little pond where there is usually some Canadian geese. It is wooded to the one side. Well we're walking along with all the dogs, then Peach wasn't there. We called her expecting her to pop out of the grass. We always keep tabs on where they are on this walk, keeping everyone together. It was as if aliens abducted her from out of the sky. One second she was there, then she wasn't. We called and called, searched all around the pond, the grasses, the adjoining woods. My legs were scratched terribly by the pricker bushes. I thought she is caught on something by her harness or she went down a woodchuck hole and can't get herself out. We called and searched for over an hour. Now mind you Peachy is a lowrider and a bit "stocky", she doesn't move that fast. Not like Spaatz the dachshund rocket. I was very upset, it just didn't make sense. My husband, who is the dog warden, not used to being on this side of the lost dog equation decided to go back to the house. He was hoping somehow she would be there. Sure enough as he came around the house there she was sitting on the front step. He zoomed back to where I was still searching in the car, called that he had found her. Our house is about a quarter mile away on the other side of the road, for her to make it on her own safely amazes me. All we can figure is that she caught the scent or went after a critter and went into the woods, wasn't sure the direction we were calling from and decided that she would be better off to go home and wait for us. She's not just beautiful, but smart too.
The gang's all here!!

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  1. Hi, Valerie. I've enjoyed your blog and all the pics and stories. I've been a doxy mama since I was 5. My first dog and I was hooked. They are very special little creatures. My last one, Molly passed away about a year ago. She was a red long-hair mini and was my heart. I only have Maggie, a mix of a doxy/fox terrier who will not admit to the terrier. She swears she's 100% dachshund no matter what her ears do. (They stand straight out to the side.) She tunnels under the covers and sleeps with me every night. She follows me everywhere and does the face plant too, and I just love it. We rescued a mini Aussie Shepherd last year, and she's finally decided she's ok and plays with her now. She grooms her face like she used to with Molly. My husband says we need one more, as winter is coming on and he needs a 3 dog night when it's really cold. I'll be back to read more when I can. Your kids are so cute. I love the pics. Enjoy them!


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