Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Creatures short and shorter

Dr Watson, Miss Peaches and Foozeball
There was a time when My Three Doxson's had a different lineup. We had Watson who was a standard wire hair, and who was the best dog we've ever had. Laid back, sweet, game for just about any adventure, a great hunter. He lived to be 13. We got Peaches a mini wire and eventually Foozie was rescued from the SPCA. I do recommend having more than 1 dachshund, its more fun for everyone involved. I will say that both my wire hairs bark less than the smoothies. My daughter has a couple long hair dachshunds which are great too. Whatever the size or coat type and so many color combinations be prepared to have more fun!
Rupert, Peaches Foozie, Olivia, Loreli and Spaatz

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