Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dachshund- Black Belt Cuddler

Might as well give in now
Dachshunds are black belts when it comes to being cuddlers. You might as well give in to them. They'll take you down and you won't want to get up. They're the perfect size, not so big that they would squish you, and not so small you might squish them. Spaatz likes to curl up right in front of me with his head on my shoulder. Then he'll let out a big sigh, which will make me smile. Wherever he is, he must be under the covers, even in summer, and he will give me "the face" until I cover him up. Foozy likes to be by my legs, but if we're watching TV he will perch himself on my shoulder. Miss Peaches tends to get warm with her wire hair and will often be on top of any blankets, pining me down. There you have it, I have been completely disarmed and at their mercy. I don't mind, warning: it is always best to hit the bathroom, get a drink, snacks, phones, remote controls, magazines, tissues, note pad, pen, before sitting down with dachshunds. You may be there for a while.
Foozie on my shoulder

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