Friday, September 13, 2013

Dachshund Hits the Brakes

I am thinking that this same occurrence must have happened to other dachshund owners. We're out for a walk, then all of the sudden, your arm holding the leash is whipped back and your coming to a stop. Or nearly to a stop. It depends on the size of the dachshund or just how much they want to stop. My first dachshund, Watson, a big standard, when he wanted to stop, you were most likely going to stop. All my current dogs are minis, and although they're small, when they stop and dig in its kinda like a sea anchor, definitely slows things down. Now they probably just want to sniff something or pee on a particular blade of grass, at some point I have to get a little stern with them and say "let's go". As long as a certain amount of important business has been taken care of we are out here for a walk not a snifforama. There are just so many trees and lumps of dirt one needs to stop at and then your when dry your dry. Did someone say exercise?
Larger groups seem to keep moving along, maybe a competitive thing.

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