Friday, October 25, 2013

Most Recognizable Breed: The Dachshund

The Dachshund is said, and I believe, the most easily recognizable breed. Now not everyone will know the name dachshund, but they will certainly know one of the nicknames that the dachshund goes by.
Even little kids know a hot dog when they see one. Or the ever popular wiener dog. They're half a dog tall and a dog and half long. Other breeds might be long and low, but they don't possess the pencil schnozz, the piercing eyes and the fun loving nature of the dachshund. They are the ultimate lap dog yet they are ready for action at a moments notice. They always call "shotgun" when it comes to going for a ride.
  Now Miss Peaches does tend to confuse people a bit , but believe you me she is all dachshund. She can't quite turn off the hunting mode. The hairdo of the wire hair makes people unsure, if they only knew wire hairs are awesome. I love my smoothie boys, but I've had 2 wire hairs and they are so sweet and FLUFFY.
Thought I'd throw in the long hair we fostered- Rango

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