Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Three Doxson's- Florida Style

Olivia, Lorelei, Rupert
Usually, I am in my home state of New York and have my constant companions, My Three Doxson's Peaches, Spaatz and Foozie. I was down south last week, in Florida to see my son on his birthday, but I did spend most of my time with my daughter. I didn't have to go through wiener dog withdrawal  while I was away because she has 3 of them too. She has 2 long hairs and one smoothie (who is Spaatz"s sister). I have 2 smoothies and a wire hair. So it was nice, I still had dogs on my lap and plenty of kisses coming my way. I did still miss the gang at home, but having these guys around made it much much easier.
My Three Doxson's - Southern Division

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