Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Miss Peaches

Today is Miss Peaches birthday, and she is 8 years old. That makes her older than me. Yesterday was Foozies birthday, or we assigned April Fools day as his birthday. When we got him from the SPCA we knew he was born in April, so the first seemed appropriate for him. Peachy we got from a vet tech who had taken on too many dogs, but we knew her actual birth date.
Peaches is a sweet wirehair who is the diva of the group. She grumbles at me when I stop patting her. She barks for me to come put her up on the couch. (which I will do for her to limit her jumping). She is also the the only female I know who feels the need to pee where the boys do and to not only squat, but lift her leg at the same time.
If I were to put a plate down for them to lick, everyone else knows to hurry up and get theirs because when Peach gets there she will stand over the plate to make herself seem bigger then let out the most awful growl you never expected from a little dog and they all back away. Except maybe Spaatz, who will try to get a little more because he knows she is all growl and no action.

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