Friday, April 18, 2014

Miss Sandie- Real Live Muppet

Little Miss Sandie, the rag doll puppy kinda reminds me of a muppet when she's not reminding me of a angry beaver. Her fur is all wild and crazy. Some of the fur on the top of her nose actually grows straight towards her eyes. I can't say that it bothers her, it bugs me, so I trim it for her so I can see her eyes. Then it's so much better to see my girl. Soon it will be time to shave the whole dog. It's gonna get real warm soon in NY so I always shave the wire hairs. Miss Peaches gets shaved regular through the warm months so she can be cooler and I can see any ticks trying to take up residence. Sandie will be getting trimmed up too. I'm not so sure she's gonna like it. She's not to hep on getting brushed, in fact she leaves the room when I brush Peaches just in case I get any stupid ideas about brushing her too. Shaving the dog is not the most fun task, you seem to end up with dog hair stuck to your face, but it makes them so much more comfortable, it's worth it.
Miss Peaches, after her trim, keeping her wiry beauty

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