Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All tired after running, swimming, killing

We knew we were going out to a big family shindig down in the city, so I wanted to make sure the dogs got good walkies in so they wouldn't mind being cooped up for awhile. So we took them out to run at the farm down the road. They always have the best time there because they can really run at full speed off leash and burn off that nervous doxie energy. They ran out to a pond and went in, Peach and Sandie, the wire hairs, got totally wet as usual, the boys didn't go all the way in.
We were headed back when they decided to cut through the woods to the other pond where we like to go fishing. All of the sudden we heard a melee ensuing, sharp, high pitched barks. We knew something was up, so we started to make tracks towards the ruckus. Mind you Foozie was hanging back with us. Not so sure it would be good to get involved. When we got close we could see the had something in the field. Well, it turned out to be a bad day for a medium size woodchuck. Pretty much wrong place, wrong time to be eating some clover in the farmers field when three dachshunds happened along and did him in. Next, was to distract them whilst my husband disposed of the body.As we headed back home we saw the farmer who was heading out to make hay. Told him of the dogs dispatching of the woodchuck, he seemed to have a whole new respect for the noble dachshund and mentioned there was another chuck hole by the stone fence. Anyway, after their adventure that included lots of running, swimming and a little killing I knew they would be napping while we were away.

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