Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving with 8 Dachshunds

Last week we went to Florida to see our kids and mother in law for Thanksgiving. That meant that there had to be the great convergence. Of dachshunds that is. My 4 and my daughter's 4. I know, it's like a sickness. Unfortunately I failed to get the"portrait" of them. Just went into relax mode after dinner.  I do have a little video of them cleaning up the carving platter after the bird had been stowed. You may note there are only 7 dachshund here. Little Olivia, a rescue, sometimes misses out on events because she is very shy and prefers to keep her feet on a rug not tile.

 There was a lot of barking as one would expect at first, then they settled in. Six of them have met previously. Love to run a muck in grandma's backyard, after a lizard or two, maybe a squirrel. A couple years ago we had a Christmas dinner at my mom's house in Sarasota, and after dinner we had enough dachshunds for everyone to hold on their lap. Isn't nice when you have enough for everybody? No one has to feel left out, including the dachshunds.

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