Saturday, March 28, 2015


Ah, yes my Golden Girls, Miss Peachy and Sandie Poo. An unlikely pair of friends. Peachy is the diva dog here, and we weren't certain they would get along at all, let alone be friends.
When it came time to see if we might adopt Sandie out of her unhappy situation we took Peach with us so they could meet on neutral ground to see if they might dislike each other from the get go. Fortunately there were no fireworks.                                                                            
Now it finds them often as two peas in a pod. They both sport the wire hair coat which seems impervious to the elements. The sub zero temperatures this winter didn't phase them as they kept hunting while I tried to coax them inside.
Sandie will always be the less dominant of the two, but they still can be very competitive, always wanting to see what the other is up to.
In retrospect I am so glad that Sandie has come to stay. She would never be as happy in a house with 17 cats as she is here with 3 other dachshunds, besides the fact she was so sickly. Here, she has true friends to play with and a pack of wieners to cuddle up with when ever she needs them.

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