Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thank you Miss Peachy

Brave Bearded Beauty
I'd like to thank my bearded beauty for coming to the rescue. Last night whilst I was trying to secure things about the house, Miss Peachy took care of a situation for me. We were supposed to get a storm that could pack a tornado, (it didn't even rain hard). I'm okay with no tornado, but being a gardener was hoping for some much needed rain. Anyway I was tuning into the TV to check out the radar when Peachy was in the corner of the living room raising quite the ruckus. A bit more than the usual late bus dropping off the neighbor kid bark. I implored her to settle down so I could check on the weather when I realized the cause for her alarm. There was a snake in the house. My first look had me a little startled as it seemed to be a good size snake. She tangled with it a bit and it hid under a small piece of furniture at the bottom of the stairs. I told all the dogs to step back. I called my husband, he said he would be right there, and for me to keep an eye on it. Fortunately his shop is right around the corner. I kept an eye on it, it came out from under it's hiding place and unfortunately went under the stairs. Oh great, a snake in the closet under the stairs. The good part was I realized it was just a big garter snake. Not any real danger to Peach.
 I figured when my husband arrived I would send in Peachy and he could be on the other side in case the snake tried to escape. This didn't work. It had disappeared. I'm in there moving stuff around, she is sniffing like mad. I was thinking if we find it in this tight space I'm probably going to scream. No snake. Well, this is super, I have a snake in the house and I don't no where it is. My husband went back to work, and I went about putting my groceries away etc.
A short while later Miss Peach let me know the snake was back under that piece of furniture again. Okay, were going to let her take care of this, I'm not going to let this keep me tiptoeing about the house until this snake decides to move his whole family in here. I moved the little hutch it was hiding under, Peach went in and grabbed it, let it go and it quickly dashed under the couch. Everyone was interested now, all ready for it, I pulled out the couch. Peach didn't want to share her snake so she ran in and grabbed it and gave it the death shake, and it was all over. Thank you my sweet little Peach. I did discard the body myself, but was glad to have my team here headed by wire hair dachshund Miss Peachy. She got an extra chewy treat and a good beard wash and tooth brushing.

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