Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mission Impossible

If you own a dachshund, or two, or more, you my find that what might be a simple everyday task may have a slight twist to it. There may be a dog in the middle of it. Oh, and they know how to be so cute and charming. You most likely will find them impossible to resist. Spaatz here, loves to "help" with the laundry folding. Especially if it's warm out of the dryer. Then he may settle down right on top of some freshly folded clothes. Why wait to put your clothes on to get dog hair on them? You can have it preapplied. I just made that word up.
Spaatz's main hobby is hunting, but he is never too busy to help with cooking of course. He loves to be on stand by in case something is dropped or if something needs taste testing. I once was at a get together where there were no dogs in residence, I looked down and there was quite a bit of food debris on the floor. I thought to myself if there were a couple of dachshunds here this place would be half cleaned up already.They may be hounds, but they're working dogs too.
Anyone who follows My Three Doxson's knows that Miss Peaches has been on the mend following major back surgery in July. She is continuing to do well and is adjusting to her new normal. While she is getting around great she is getting used to waiting to go up or down stairs or on furniture. She even "calls" me when she needs me. It's not a bark or a whine, it's more of a harrumph. That's a underused word, but she's always been a great communicator and had a way of speaking to me. I just have to figure out what she wants. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes not so much.

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