Thursday, April 21, 2016

Miss Peaches turns Ten

My sweet Peaches has turned 10 this month. It seems not so long ago we brought her home, a scared little puppy terrified of everything, leaves blowing outside, men, my husband included. She got to spend time with our older standard wire haired dachshund Watson. He showed her the ropes and with a lot of loving she turned into quite the sweet dog, actually a tough little girl. She loves to hunt anything that moves, a great mouser and watch dog. She's funny, while the other dogs have to be told to stop licking you she is very stingy with the kisses and you feel special when she give s you a little peck. On rare occasions when she's excited she will jump on you and lick you like mad.

2015 was a tough year for the Peach, blew her back out in July, but she had surgery and has recovered almost completely. She does use her two back feet as if they were one when she runs, but she always did that a little before. Now it's science. She also got into an altercation with Sandie. A case of two over excited dogs. She ended up with an inch long laceration on one leg. Fortunately for us it was in a spot she couldn't lick so it healed up quick.

All these things have made me value her all the more and appreciate the time we have together. Dogs are with us for shorter times than we wish. Everyday I tell her I love her and give her lots of pats, belly rubs and chin scratches. As I do with all of my crew, they are certainly a big part of my life and I hope that Miss Peaches is with us for another 10 years.


  1. Happy 10th birthday to peachy. It is so cute and fluffy. She must be really special to you. You must be glad you have her. Thank you for sharing.

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