Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Miss Peaches and Foozball 2018

The beginning of April every year finds us celebrating the birthdays of our beloved "old" dogs, Miss Peachy and Foozie.  Fooze's birthday on the first because it seemed appropriate. Not sure of the real date, we know it's in April. Peaches is officially on the 2nd.
Peaches is 12 years old now which clocks her in around 84 years old. She has a lot of spirit and hopefully she will live to be our oldest dog ever, beating out the 13 year mark by plenty.
Mr Foo is 11 years old now. He seems to be showing his age a bit more as he has become pretty deaf. I can walk in and out of the house several times, carrying bags and the other dogs dancing around excitedly without him hearing enough to disturb his slumber.
 Peaches still has a whole lot of spunk for a 12 year old dog that has recovered from major back surgery four years ago. If there's an adventure to be had, this girl is game.
The two of them have definitely slowed down. They have gotten so they don't feel like getting up for every little thing.I did insist this morning that if Peaches wanted a slice of frozen banana she would have to get out of my bed and come into the kitchen. She did.
They should still have many sunny days ahead for them, many doggie adventures still to be had.
Peachy will always be up for a good hunt as long as there are critters in the garden.
Mr. Foo as a dacshing youngster.
Spaatz and Sandie, both 7 years old are our youngsters.

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