Monday, November 8, 2021

Sandie, black walnuts and unlimited tennis balls

 It's been a wet end of summer and early fall in New York, so that has made many things grow really well. One on particular, is the mighty black walnut tree. A tree that has been a feature in most of my adult life. It was never an issue with the dogs until Sandie came along.

Sandie seems to think the nuts are tennis balls and she wants to rertieve them. I find them in the house, under tables. This year was an absolute bumper crop of nuts, and they're big. I've gotten good at golfing them over the dog fence to get rid of them. I get the confusion, kinda, but we're talking about Sandie. 

Sandie is a very sweet dog that everyone loves. She was voted Dachshund most likely to go home in someones suitcase, every year, since they started taking polls. Part of that charm is due to her honest to goodness dopeyness. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. No matter, she makes up for it in sweetness.

It makes her the perfect foil to Spaatz, who is a little too smart for his own good. When he wants to be. She aspires to be able to be like him, and is often his partner in crime, if given the chance.

Fooze is no longer participating in the shenanigans, and spends his time looking for the next sunbeam to lay in. Or he may sit on my foot until I sit down somewhere so he can snuggle up against me.

I'm glad to say that the nuts have all been removed from inside the dog fence and we're back to toys that sport some fur and might even still squeak if your lucky. The dogs are stacked like the hot dogs that they are in a bed that's probably a little more comfortable for two. No matter, weenies roasting in the sun.

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