Thursday, June 15, 2023

Happy 13th Birthday Spaatz!

 Happy 13th birthday to my sweet beloved Spaatz. My black and tan dappled dachshund with one blue eye. He's finally starting to slow down, but he's been the ultimate alpha dog forever. He still is and let's the newish guy, Flynn, know that he's still the man. This dynamic will change one day, I know, just not yet.

The pack is getting along fine. Flynn is a very energetic knucklehead that keeps the old dogs going.

 Miss Sandie is also about 13 as far as we'll ever know. She has slowed down much more than Spaatz. Unfortunately she is nearly blind from cataracts. At first when we got Flynn she wouldn't play with him

but now they play often. It's great to see the old dogs get up and play again when you add a youngster to the group. That's how we keep the pack going. As the dogs get older, we add new blood to the group

I hope to never be dachshundless. They make everything better, They always make me feel better , even in the toughest circumstances. Their devotion is endless, I'm so lucky to have them here to get through this thing called life together.

Happy Birthday Spaatz!

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