Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time to pick out Watson

We had to wait a few weeks, but the day finally came. It was the day we were going to pick out the puppy. The pup was officially to be my birthday present, although I paid for most of him. My husband did contribute, this was still my idea. Jerry wasn't sure he really wanted a Dachshund, having had big dogs his whole life. I was absolutly sure. His feelings would be changing soon. mind you our first Dachshund would be a standard not a mini so we were sizing down slowly.
So we went to pick up the puppy. We arrived too early so we went and picked blueberries at a nearby farm. Appointment time came so we skidadiled. We had a choice from 4 puppies from one of the litters. I think there were 3 boys and 1 girl all with color coded strings around their necks. The breeder was trying to talk us into the biggest boy. He wagged his tail so hard it slapped his sides. I had also read some books on choosing the right puppy. You don't want the loud puppy that is climbing all over the other ones and barking a lot. That will come back to haunt you, been there, done that. You also don't want the timid one cowering in the corner. This is under the best conditions though, when you rescue a dog you may not have all the choices. The tests were to either drop your keys by the dog noting the reaction, curiosity not fear is the best. The other is to hold the pup on its back like you would a baby. I tried the keys, no bad reactions. I was picking up the pups , holding them, we were all chatting back and forth. Then at one point I realized I had been holding this one pup for about ten minutes on his back, he was laying there, paws up in the air. He didn't care what I did he was comfortable, The lightbulb went on, this is the one, I had my Watson. I told Jerry this is the one, he's so laid back. He said "okay, if your sure." I was, turned out to be one of my best decisions ever. We paid for him, Jerry drove and Watson rode home in my lap, sleeping all the way.

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