Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Family Member

It was fun to watch our new puppy. Dachshunds by nature are a humorous dog, just watching him run was funny. He's so short, does he lift his leg? Not at first anyway. They eventually do, but they may miss their target. Too short to pee on a tire. Interesting enough my female I have now, will during many of the peeing contests I have witnessed will lift her leg slightly. It is a combined squat, hover, leg lift. Its tricky.
We set Watson up with a crate with a pad I made for him in the kitchen. Crate training is a great way to start, it helps with potty training. On his first night he didn't make a mess or cry much at all. I went out in the morning before anyone else, kinda like Christmas. I let him out of the crate, and as I sat on the floor, he came over and laid down in my lap and went back to sleep. I sat there for an hour just admiring him, patting gently, not wanting to disturb him. I was on my way to falling deeply in love with this boy. Watson was definitely the easiest Dachshund I ever trained, potty training was a breeze, sit, rolling over was too easy. It was so a simple twirl of my finger he would roll. 3 dogs later I still can't get any of the others to do it. It was good we got him when we did so we had some time with him before this big trip were going on and he would be going too. His first of many. A dog well traveled

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