Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best In Show at Westminster???

Seriously people, I ask you, a Pekingese for best in show at Westminster?? They look like a Tribble with a face on the front. Not saying that my Watson, or Peaches would be close to show quality. The wire haired Dachshund that won the Hound group was a beautiful dog, and high time the Dachshunds were honored! Strictly my opinion, but it may be shared by others. Especially the part about the Pekingese. Anything but that dog.
I had been a little upset because I forgot the show was on after we had gotten home from Valentines dinner,(that was a saga itself), but when I checked the computer before I went to bed I was glad I hadn't seen it.Watched the Discovery channel, you know Dirty Jobs. Better than seeing a Tribble win the dog show. Spell check doesn't like the word Tribble...haha......Tribble, Tribble.

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