Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Hate me because I'm Beautiful

Miss Dirty Feet Again by batterie61
Miss Dirty Feet Again, a photo by batterie61 on Flickr   Ahh, Miss Peachy, she has quite the pose going on here, all she REALLY wants is her tummy rubbed. Unfortunately for her she is about to get a bath because she has been out trouncing around in the mud in the backyard. I know we have had very little snow this winter, but we have had plenty of rain starting before the hurricanes that hit the northeast last fall. She just manages to find it or look for it. On our walk this morning she explored a drainpipe that needed a quick run through. My theory is its a wirehair thing. My old wirehair was the same way, but my two smoothies are not. Fooze in particular will tippy toe around the puddles while Peach cruises through. I might as well stay used to it, I aim to find another wirehair. This can be a tall order, but on I aim to fill.

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