Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sweet Time
If you haven't met her before, here she is... Sweet Time, otherwise affectionately know as Miss Peachy. This is a new nickname for her which comes from the way she mosies back to the house when called. She just about always takes her sweet time coming back. Foozie is just about always the first back in anticipation of a biscuit, Spaatz is a speed demon, you can hear blades of grass being cut as he flies over top. Even if he is the furthest away he can be the first back, its a sight to behold. But Miss Peach ambles back as she pleases because she knows she is a superior being and that the biscuit is there for her anyway because I am putty in her paws. I have a theory its a wirehair thing, my old wirehair Watson was exactly the same way. He would go for his little excursions and get back, you know, whenever. Peach just needs to be very thorough, sniffing everything that needs to be sniffed and peeing everywhere the boys did. She doesn't like to be rushed. I must say that when she decides to motivate and run in she surprises me, she can move when she wants to, she usually just doesn't want to.
Peaches, stalking anything that moves.

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