Thursday, April 5, 2012


My husband is the dog control officer around these parts. He usually wears a hat, no gun. Hot dogs and old venison will help bring in the strays. In this case he surely is in control of six hot dogs, and I think he has some venison jerky. Very often dogs who are "running at large" as we say, are afraid and will not be interested in food even once you have them contained. I've yet to meet a Dachshund that wasn't fanatical about treats and food in general. The group here includes our three, Miss Peaches, Foozie, and Spaatz. Then there are my daughters three dogs Rupert, Loreli and Olivia. I confess that multiple Dachshund syndrome is running rampant around here. Its the most fun I've had with the word syndrome in it.

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