Friday, May 25, 2012

Maybe I should rename her Blackbeard

Blackbeard the Dachshund
Miss Peaches, now sometimes (more often than I'd like) is affectionately known as Blackbeard. For obvious reasons. Dachshunds are known to be diggers. They enjoy"going to the ground". When one sports a light colored coat however, its a bit of a problem. Not that if she were a black dog she wouldn't be having a date with the sink, and mind you this is not a light coating. No mere dusting here! This takes a lot of rinsing to get this out, and it just seems to keep coming. Plus it seems you might as well wash the whole dog because she's not as cooperative for spot washing. So currently she has three things she would like to excavate, the chipmunk in the stonewall, a mouse perhaps in the woodpile and something has been burrowing under the front stoop. Peach feels it is her job to eradicate these vermin and mind you I am all for dogs with jobs, but somehow I ended up on the clean-up crew. Once again.

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