Monday, May 21, 2012

Unlikely Partners in Crime

Spaatzen and Miss Peaches

I'm not quite sure I totally understand the dynamics of their relationship. Peach on the one hand is the oldest, the alpha female, she does try to maintain her position. Spaatz is the youngster who is always giving her a hard time, but she's very patient with him and only occasionally does she really feel the need to let him know who's boss. Yet, that said she follows him into the yard after the squirrels and other woodland creatures like he's got an edge to this hunting thing.. They do a lot of sparring, which she enjoys, but sometimes wishes he would just go away. Over the weekend I gave Peachy her second shave of the warm season. It keeps her cooler and makes the ticks easire to see. I decided to do it in the bathroom, sitting on the floor with her. She is quite coopertive, but Spaatz wanted to be right there while I was doing it. Foozy our 3rd dachshund wanted no part of this activity and was hiding. Spaatz seemed to be concerned about his "girlfriend" and layed right next to her during the whole process. It seemed kinda sweet. He is sweet but a little dopey. Its a May December thing, but whose in charge keeps changing.

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