Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will Work for Food

Hungry Boy by batterie61
Hungry Boy, a photo by batterie61 on Flickr.
Foozie here will do pert near anything food, even sit still. I have known some dogs in my time that weren't possesed by food. Dogs that were "nibblers", you know, have a few kibble, come back later for more. Ive heard tell of finicky dogs. I've never personally owned one. Foozie is dedicated to the consumption of all things edible. I hazzard to say he might eat untill his feet didn't touch the ground. That's short work when you're a Dachshund. When I come home and Foozie believes its suppertime its a big production. He runs about the room, spins in circles and makes crazy shrieking sounds. Yet, here he sits like a little gentleman, waiting for his chow. Last to be served, first to finish.

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