Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spaatz Sidewalker

I have noticed since I have 3 dogs that there are definitely different styles to walking. That's true with people, so just imagine you have two extra feet. Spaatz here seems to walk sometimes on the diagonal as you will notice in this short clip. The white line shows the straight way, and he was going along not exactly parallel. He also sometimes does the "skip to my Lou" where he skips one of his back feet. That tactic is usually sported by Foozie. Then there is also "double footin" which is Miss Peachy's way of motivating. That is when both the front then the back feet move together as one. When my husband goes on walks with us he usually takes the leashes and I will walk behind because our road has no sidewalks and often no shoulder to speak of. That is where I can observe the many ways a Dachshund walks.

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