Monday, July 2, 2012


Caution- He may steal your heart
Spaatz, the ever handsome heart throb that he is, sportin his metro-tie. He is the kissing bandit though. He just HAS to kiss you. Now its not a big sloppy kiss, I've had big dogs, where its like getting your face cleaned with an abrasive pad. It's a gentle little peck, although he likes to lick my nose too. I will tell him over and over no kissing, but he can't help it. If I can convince him to stop he will smother me with his body, and just when I think I'm safe, he will kiss me again. Certainly there are worse things that could happen to me in the course of a day so I don't worry about it. In fact I occasionally ask for a kiss, to which he never refuses. Always there when you need him. My hero- Spaatz.

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