Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

My Three Doxsons wish all Dad's a happy day from Dad's chair.
I know its a little early, but its gonna be here before you know it. We like to be prepared, so we are not ones to wait for the last moment. If its a special day, then you gotta be ready. We are. Unfortunately neither my dad or my father-in law are still with us so all my attention goes to my husband on fathers day. But I ordered a special engraved gift, it came last week and I got a card. I still have to wrap it all up. The dogs are always ready. Everyday is Father's day, Mothers day and everyones birthday all in one. Always ready to shower you with love, go with you where ever, hang out with you is all they want. Its a win win situation. Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all dad's everywhere.

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