Thursday, June 14, 2012

Babyman: The Toy Destroyer

Last moments for this tennis ball alive.
Babyman, aka Spaatz doesn't like his toys in one piece. Tennis balls must be shredded. Squeakers must be removed from stuffed toys, oh and the stuffing too. Once he gets a hold of it, its only a matter of time before I am picking up pieces and putting them in the trash. He has gotten a little better about it. One toy I got him for Christmas lasted a few months before all the squeakers were removed.A note to dachshund owners with the same tendency, forget about those "playballs" that look like tennis balls. They can't hold up under a Dachshunds teeth, real tennis balls are much tougher. Those playballs will not only be peeled, but chomped into chunks and left all over the room. A little extra money, but well worth it.

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