Monday, July 16, 2012

Can we go for a Ride?? Can we?? Can we?

Waiting for the chauffeur
My three doxsons sure do love going for a ride. Most dogs do, unless its all about the vet, but the crew here love it. Sometimes I take them out for a quick spin around the block just to make them happy. Fooze usually sits in my lap because he just settles down and sometimes he will go to sleep. Miss Peaches can't sit still long enough, although she may try to double up with Fooze there is the one wienerdog rule while driving. Spaatz doesn't call shotgun for sitting on my lap quick enough and he doesn't really seem overly concerned about it.While they enjoy my PT Cruiser convertible, they also really like my husbands Suburban so the short dogs can enjoy the view of those who are not height challenged.

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