Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventures of the Bunnyman

 Spaatz lives to chase the bunnies. Peaches does too, but she lets Spaatz take the lead. Foozie, if someone else finds the bunny then okay, but he's not going stalking himself. Yesterday we had a crazy little escapade I wish I had been recording it. There are a row of trees right out the backdoor, some have quite the thicket of grape vines around the bottom. Home for birds, bunnies and the occasional chipmunk. Well the bunny was sitting to the right side of the tree, the dogs go out, bunny runs into the vine cave leaving Peach and Fooze standing there as Spaatz goes around the other side, hear a little rustling. Next thing I know the bunny comes out of the bush like he was shot out of a cannon. Right in front of Peach and Fooze, they're so surprised they don't react in time as the bunny takes off and Spaatz is now out and on his tail. Peach and Fooze try to keep up as Spaatz disappears for awhile. Alas he comes up empty pawed again, tomorrow is another day. 

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