Monday, July 9, 2012


Hunting Wabbits
In our area this year there seems to be a bumper crop of rabbits. Much to the delight of my three dachshunds, and the local coyote population. I'm sure the coyotes are getting a more direct benefit while for M3D its all sport. Its not that their not serious in their hunting efforts, its just that the bunnies seen a little faster and are good at hiding once they hit the thicket. Today when we were out for our walk we hadn't really even gotten out of the yard while the dogs were sniffing around my flowers when I see a bunny on the side of the road that quickly runs to the bushes as a car goes by. I already know whats going to happen when we cross his path. Sure enough as we get there, the dogs make a sharp left turn, and had they not been on leashes they would have been gone. I let them sniff briefly and keep them out of the poison ivy, them remind them we were out for a walk and they could catch up with the wabbits later. Or maybe just in their dreams.

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