Friday, August 17, 2012

Dachshunds return home to New York

Fooze ready to roll
While the camping trip to Maine has been a big success for the dachshunds, they do seem real happy to be home. The eight hour trip back can be a little taxing on anyone. I may have to get one of those little screens to keep the dogs in the backseat. I don't mind them sitting with me part of the time, but after they have repositioned themselves several times to get comfortable I end up feeling rather trampled. And I look like it too. Its mostly the boys, but if you let one of them up front, they're all coming. Plus they all want to be ON me, at least partially. Next to me is not quite acceptable. Fooze also wants his head on the window edge. I can't imagine how many times I told them to get in the back. I'm not sure if its their memory or if their testing mine.Most likely they know I'm a big push-over for a cute face and they might just get away with it.

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