Monday, August 6, 2012

Foozeball's Word: Neurotic

Don't get me wrong, Foozie is a great dog. He's just a little anxious about things. The thing is dachshunds seem to have a phenomenal body clock. They know what time it is. We have a routine here, like feeding time and rest time, walkies etc. Well Fooze knows when these events are supposed to happen and if there might be a delay he may start to whine about it. It can tend to grate on ones nerves. This seems to be a very difficult behavior to correct. Fooze is a rescue and I don't know what happen prior to his coming here. When we first got him, he would try to bite you if you patted is rump. He actually has improved so much since we got him, except for the whining he is the easiest little dog to get along with. He also, although our dogs are very wary of strangers, will be the first to decide people are okay and sit on their laps, but he knows when its our usual bedtime, and if we don't get up and start getting ready for bed he will go in the kitchen and start to whine about it. He really just wants his bedtime biscuit. 

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