Monday, October 1, 2012


As all we dachshund owners know they are pretty much a fair weather dog. Although some snow can be fun, rain pretty much sucks. Not only do you get wet when you go outside, but there is no sunshine to lay in inside the house. No fun for walkies either. So that means we're most likely going to pester mom all day. Spaatz pictured here, will go under the chair and tug on my pants, or jam his head up between my knees and be staring at me, or just jump on my lap. Foozy will put his paws up on me in that kind of pleading way so I will pick him up. Peaches will makes her little "hhrrump" noise so she can sit with me. I try playing some inside ball, but that's mainly Spaatz's game. Today the boys are running amok around the house so at least they get their exercise.That's another good thing about small dogs is that they can get enough action inside, usually without breaking any furniture.
Sunshine lovin Dachshunds

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