Thursday, March 7, 2013

How long should a toy last?

At my house a stuffed toy has about a 5 minute life span. The the stuffing is out, and the squeaker has been removed like the heart of a wild animal and has been neutralized so that it won't make that noise anymore. Even though he likes the noise. I am speaking of Spaatz, he has a high play drive and need to chew things. I am happy to report that he does confine his chewing to toys and dog approved bones. Good thing, I once had a Labrador that destroyed a really nice dining room set with her chewing. Spaatz here has a set of teeth though, I have yet to find a toy that squeaks, including Kong toys that he can't destroy. Shredding little bits of rubber all over, or stuffing and fuzz rolling around like tumble weeds. I wouldn't bother, but it makes him so happy to get something. Hard to resist making the kids happy.

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