Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rango Project Winding Down

Rango, Spaatz and Foozy
The Rango Project shall be coming to a close soon. If you saw previous stories you know the SPCA asked us to take on a dachshund they had who was a problem. They called him Rambo because he tried to bite several people and some couldn't get near him. We call him Rango, I'm happy to say that he has been transformed into a big mush that just wants to be loved. He was just real scared in that place. His biggest problem now are his manners, he will climb over the top of the other dogs so he can be close to me. Miss Peaches doesn't appreciate this as she is top dog. He will even ring the doggie bell to go out when he needs to.
He was listed in the local paper over the weekend and some people came to see him. They are people who had a long hair dachshund for many years. I am so glad that some dachshundists will be taking him. He will do well, he really is a good boy and there, he will get ALL the love, which will make him happy. The End.
Rango becomes part of the pack

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