Thursday, May 9, 2013

Miss Peaches ponders a new Doo

My sweet wire haired dachshund Miss Peaches. Comes this time of year and we have to contemplate the shaving of the dog. The first cut of the season is the toughest, but she has the patience of an angel, although trimming around the butt is not really her favorite part. When we're through she's a new dog and she's much happier on those warm days. Since we went to Florida in April the shearing of the hound came early. I ventured to do it in the bathroom figuring I would just bring the shop vac in afterwards. I think she gets curlier every year, my husband says that's because I cut her fur. I'm not sure that's the way with dogs, but it's kinda like having 2 different dogs, Curly Boo and Lamby Sue. There both awesome to me.
Lamby Girl

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