Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ode to the Hunting Dog

Chipmunk's you must beware
for the dachshund's, they are here
by the window they do stare
while you might think
you haven't a care
but to have their way
you won't be spared
When you come out to feed
and in all your greed
packing your cheeks 
with all the bird seed.
Then the alarm does sound
someone's released the hounds
out in the yard, they do bound
Scurry and scatter
mad as a hatter
dachshunds on a mission
That's the matter
But with speed on your side 
your chance to hide
into the stonewall you did slide
for tomorrow's another day
as the dachshund's say
just be sure you don't 
get in our way

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