Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And The Their Were Four

Miss Sandie joins the group
Stop the world I want to get off! Wow, this little video brought to you by my new phone makes one feel like there is either an earthquake going on or we're on a boat. It's not so bad that  the dogs a moving, but everything is moving. I'm sorry if you look away and everything is still moving. 
Anyway, looks like Sandie is going to stay, I won't be changing the name of the blog, but she will be featured regular as Spaatz, Foozeball and Miss Peaches are. She has several things going for her. First, she is a wire hair, which I find unbearably cute. She's actually half long hair, so the fur on her ears and tail are extra long. That's cool. She listens really well, which for a dachshund is great. In less than a week she is able to do things that Rango (another dachshund we fostered) couldn't do after 2 months. I just see a lot of potential with her. I think she will be an awesome addition to the pack, she's a happy, fun lovin dog.

What a face!

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