Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Drabble and Dr Watson

As the owner of 4 dachshunds currently I must admit I have experienced the same thing as the Drabbles here. The always popular, at the most inopportune moment, channel change by the dog paw. You really just have to make sure the remote is on a nearby table, no need to banish the dogs from the couch. This comic reminded me of my first dachshund Watson, a standard wirehair. To date, the best dog I ever had, the only one I ever picked from a litter. Most of the current pack are rescues. Love them all anyway,
Watson was a particularly friendly dachshund, and ready to do whatever you might have up your sleeve, but how the comic makes me think of him was, one day we were out and I was driving an older Mercedes with the controls all on the center console. I was stopping at a Wendy's for a quick lunch. Watson knew very well that a drive-thru might net him a little treat, whether we are at the bank or a fast food joint. So needless to say he was a little excited. That's when he decided to step over towards me, just as I pulled up to the window one of those big paws hit the down button for my window opening it a precisely the right time. It made me laugh, I said "thank you sir"and with that you will get a couple of fries for helping me. Not that he wouldn't get them anyway. This was the one time stepping on the button wasn't a bad thing.

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