Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Other Reason Dachshunds Have Short Legs

We all know that the dachshund was bred to hunt vermin down low and underground, which is why they are the low riders they are today. My theory is that they have developed the short legs to make the distance to the ground shorter. I have noticed when I go to pat my dogs that before my hand gets to their back they've
flopped down on their backs and are offering the belly for a good rub. So the real reason for the short legs is to prevent injury, whilst increasing the amount of belly rubs immeasurably. Then when you stop patting them they will stay in that position and give it a little wriggle that is an invitation for more of the same.
This tactic often works. It does with me anyway. They know how to work it. Eventually you have to get something done, but they will keep drawing you in with their cuteness that is hard to resist.
It's okay, you can justify it. I'm just lowering my blood pressure. It's almost like exercise. Yeah, that's it. Think of the health benefits. Just a few rubs makes you feel better and the dog happy too! It's all good. Now go out and find yourself a dachshund and reap those benefits that are there for the taking.

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