Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dachshunds- The gift that just keeps giving!

Merry Christmas from Sandie, Spaatz, Peaches and Foozie
Dachshund's truly are the gift that just keeps giving. They truly have been my support staff as I try to get everything done for Christmas. Their devotion is unwavering and bountiful, and no matter what they keep me laughing every day. Mind you it's not all fun and games. I went to the back door to let the dogs in the other day a caught Peaches and Sandie killing a bird. You wouldn't think a height challenged dog could do such a thing, but here I am yelling to Peachy and she looks up to me with feathers in her mouth. But day after day they're  here by my side, keeping me sane while I try to get holiday projects done. There is humor too. You may have seen Dinnertime with Foozeball .Well the other morning it was still a bit dark and Fooze was doing his spinning routine as usual, but this time he wasn't watching where he was going and he crashed into a pair of my husbands boots and wiped out. You probably have to be there , but for me, it was hysterical. Almost 8 years of watching this dog spin around like a top for his meals and he crashes.
We'd like to wish you and yours the very Happiest of Holidays and a prosperous new year.
Is it Christmas yet?

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