Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sandie has a Ball!

Sandie loves to play. She loves to play with anything, a sock, a squeaky toy, a Frisbee. My husband and son were playing Frisbee and she ran back and forth between them until they brought her inside for fear she was going to expire from exhaustion. She wouldn't give up. She loves to take my husband's socks and run around with them and fetch and play. Spaatz wasn't interested in socks until Sandie started playing with them. Now he wants them so she can't have them. I am afraid this just adds to the missing sock problem.
The other day I had been using one of those large fitness balls. I was finished and was goofing around a little and started to bounce it like a basketball. Sandie thought this looked like it would be a lot of fun. My first reaction was that she was silly and I stuck it in the closet. She proceeded to lay outside the closet until I got it back out. Then she started to push it all around the house and really was having a good time. Spaatz was pissed that she was having fun and he was not sure how to play or how to take it away from her because he likes to be a killjoy. Even Foozie participated, he usually doesn't like toys so much as he just likes to wrastle.
Must have ginormous ball!
So what I really am looking forward to is when the weather is A LOT warmer and the grass is green and not covered with a couple feet of snow I can let her loose outside with the big ball and watch he go.

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