Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there. Hopefully you have some sweet little dachshunds by your side as I do. In fact Peaches is on my lap as I type this entry. Spaatz and Sandie are on the heated dog bed close by. Fooze, not too sure, probably on the couch.
Hopefully you have purchased your cards or whatever your getting your significant other, because the stores will be down to SLIM PICKINS people. I was in the grocery store yesterday, the florist area usually kinda quiet was full of guys. I asked my husband if he wanted his gift this morning or wait 'till later. He said he didn't have my gift here. I said because it's still at the store, right? Err..aah..yeah.
So anyway, its snowing here again, so we'll be just chillin together. I have some crocheting to do. The dogs will be keeping me company and warm. Last night it got down to 13 below and they say it will be worse tonight. It's gonna be a 4 dog night. Hope you are all warm and cozy for Valentine's day.

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