Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sandie just snapped....again

Sweet, sweet Sandie poo. Such a sweet doggie. Everybody loves her. She may bark at you like crazy when you get here, but soon she 'll be giving kisses and winning your heart. She's a lover girl. Then..
Well, something happens. Now this has happened maybe a half a dozen times since we've had her. We are her third owners, but she's been with us for four years now. Ordinarily she is on the gentle side. When it comes to playing with toys she always lets Spaatz get his way. He gets the toy, lays down with his head on it, and she will just sit and stare at it, for a really long time. Really long.
Spaatz is "Mister Game Over" because when he gets the toy the game is over unless we take it away from him. Anyway, I was telling some family members of the phenomena of Sandie snapping and they couldn't believe it, and how it hasn't happened in a long time and then the next day we got a demonstration.
It was Christmas day and I was packing a cooler to go to in-laws for dinner. I had the cooler on the floor (mistake), and was loading it. Suddenly both Sandie and Peachy decided to take ownership of the cooler, and things went downhill and got very ugly. I grabbed Sandie by the back haunches and lifted her away to split them up. Unfortunately Miss Peaches was being lifted too because Sandie had a grip of her face in her mouth. Everyone was watching this unfold, and Sandie finally let go, and I tossed her in the crate that was close by.
We took Miss Peaches in the bathroom and cleaned up her small puncture wound. The cooler was removed of course, and Sandie was let out and all was normal again. I have no pictures or film of the incident, but hopefully it will be a really, really long time before Miss sweet and mild mannered goes all incredible hulk on us again
Now Sandie has never ever been aggressive towards a person. Its mostly been towards Peachy. I guess perhaps because they are both females. Ordinarily they are best girl friends, one always standing by while the other gets washed or shaved or some other doggie maintenance done. They can go for a year without a moment of any kind of being competitive, Miss Peaches is the Queen here and everyone knows it. Then snap.
The Golden Girls, Peaches, Sandie in full mop.

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